unable to get githubpage to complete

I’m new to github.  I have published a page :  “Your site is published at”    https://wfd2018.github.io/     but only the README.md shows.  I uploaded my files (code and images) to    https://github.com/wfd2018/wfd2018.github.io 

 git bash says “this remote origin already exists”  when I did a git remote add origin <url> .   I then did a git push origin master and it responds  " remote https is not a git command".  I queried the git branch and it responds “master”.  I entered on bash “cd wfd2018.github.io”  and it responds  “no such file or directory”.   I researched here and elsewhere to try to solve this issue.  Any help would be very appreciated.         Thanks:smiley:     my page  is  at  https://github.com/wfd2018


May you please send the ouput of this command:

git remote -v

It seems you you made a mistake when adding your remote repo.

origin https://github.com/wfd2018/Social-Justice.git  (fetch)

origin https://github.com/wfd2018/Social-Justice.git  (push) 

Thank you, and I hope this will help.