Unable to get a docker-based GitHub Packages registry_package event from a GitHub Actions workflow

I added a workflow that publishes to GitHub Packages (docker) on the creation of a release.  Then I added another workflow to activate on registry_package, however that event is not firing at all.

I made a forkable project that demonstrates this problem.  I am trying to use registry_package to trigger a qualification test run on my release docker image… but it never fires.  I’m hoping that I’m just doing something silly, otherwise this looks like a problem at GitHub.


The only action that shows up is the “release” action which indeed publishes a package, however I never get a registry_package workflow event to trigger qualify.yaml.

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The root cause is that an action in a workflow run which act with GITHUB_TOKEN can’t trigger a new workflow run. In your workflow, you login github docker registry with GITHUB_TOKEN. This make the docker image push operation act with GITHUB_TOKEN. So your workflow on: registry_package will not be triggered. 

Please create a Personal Access Token with write:packages scope and store its value to secrets. Then use this secret variable in docker login step:

docker login.png

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Thanks, that’s good information.  Is that in the documentation?  

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There is the document:


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