Unable to fork: Erroneously saying i already have a fork of it

Hello everyone, i’m working in a community where lots of people fork from a handful of major parent repos.

The parent repo in question that I’m attempting to fork is…


However, I am unable to make the fork, i get this error telling me I already have forked it:

This is not correct. What it’s identifying as a fork of baystation, is actually a fork of this repo:


THAT repo is forked from baystation, its one i contribute to.

It makes a great many destructive changes that are not suitable for my purpose.

I want to create my own fork of baystation, not this downstream project. How can I do so?

Hi @nanakoac,

I’m afraid you can only have one fork in a repository’s network of forks. If you want to create a fork of the original repository, you will need to either delete your fork of the downstream one or contact support to mark the upstream repo as the upstream of your repository.

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I don’t understand why though, is that a technical limitation, or a policy of github, or just a UI bug?

As far as I understand, it is possible to work around this using the method described here:


So i see no technical problem. Is it against the terms of service to do something like that?

I’m not sure whether it’s a limitation or a policy, but it’s definitely not a UI bug.

The method you refer to is perfectly fine (both technically and with regards to the terms of service), but does not create multiple forks. The new repo created in step 2 is not registered as a fork in github. This means you cannot create pull requests between this repo and upstream.

I am very unhappy with this outcome, but i guess i can work around it.

Thank you for your help x