Unable to find new page URL

I feel like I’ve tried every possible troubleshoot and still can’t get this to work.
I’m trying to create a website, and my home page works fine at https://codette7.github.io/
Right now the links go to my actual wix website, which I’m trying to recreate on my own with GitHub.

I created a new file off of the main branch for a page called reel-resume. When I go to the page it shows the main branch and says Codette7.github.io/reel-resume. Shouldn’t I see it at that url? Instead when i go there it tries to automatically download a file for some reason. I’ve enabled GitHub pages, and set the branch to main and the folder to root. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your help!

Hi @Codette7, welcome to the GitHub Support Community! I think it’s downloading the file when you visit that link because the file doesn’t have a file extension, so the browser doesn’t know what type of file it needs to display. If you rename that file reel-resume.html it should display properly when you visit it.