"Unable to extend GITHUB_TOKEN expiration time" in run annotation


In a daily scheduled workflow, I started to receive the following error in the workflow run annotations:

github-actions / Windows build
Unable to extend GITHUB_TOKEN expiration time due to: GITHUB_TOKEN has expired.

See an example here: https://github.com/tsduck/tsduck/actions/runs/376751915

This is new. This scheduled job has been daily run for months, almost as old as Github Actions public availability, and this message started to appear on Nov 21 only. No recent modification was done on the workflow file.


  • There is no explicit use of GITHUB_TOKEN in the workflow file.
  • No secret is used in the workflow.
  • The workflow contains 3 jobs and the message is attached to the longest one (1h 52mn). The other two jobs are only 8 and 4 mn long, respectively.
  • The job is a “nightly build”. It does nothing if there was no commit in the project since the previous nightly build. This message appears only when the actual build is performed, not when there is no change. In this latter case, the workflow runs for a few seconds only.

I do not see any particular failure or negative impact from this message. I am just a bit worried in case this is the symptom of something annoying.

Hi there,

No idea of what is going on?

The problem went away shortly after my original message and remain absent for a few days. See log from yesterday: https://github.com/tsduck/tsduck/actions/runs/388040688

But the problem reappeared last night : https://github.com/tsduck/tsduck/actions/runs/389321818

So, whatever the problem is, it is still there.