Unable to enable Actions for this repository


I registered for the Actions beta about 2 weeks ago and everything worked perfectly.

Now that I’ve finished one of my repo and transfered the Action to my org repo, I can’t run GitHub Actions on one of my repos again !

When I click on ‘Enable Actions on this repository’, i get the error message in blue on top of the screen: ‘Unable to enable Actions for this repository’.

This is not repo-specific as this is the 4th repository I tried on.

I have no idea what to do, do you have any ?

I have the same issue…

Do you see this with a private repo?

Hi all, we fixed a bug recently for transferred repos. Is this still happening today?


This is happening for me today. I have been using Github APIs to create repo, secrets. and I have workflow files in the repo.

when I put multiple branches on on.push.branches then it gives me the message: “Workflows aren’t being run on this repository” and " Actions are not currently enabled on this repository."

but infact it works when there is only single branch specified in on.push.branches

Take a look at this repo. and actions: https://github.com/cybervizay/first4

I’m having the same problem https://github.com/jorenbroekema/modern-monorepo-test/actions

I’ve clicked enable many times, but it keeps going back to being disabled again. Really weird. I have it working properly on a different repo just fine.

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I’m also having this issue on a Private repo.

having the same problem with https://github.com/mne-tools/mne-bids/

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This is also happening to me for one of my repo (https://github.com/kakao/kakao_flutter_sdk). This is a transferred repository.

I have the same issue.


Having the same issue with https://github.com/uesteibar/lainoa, it’s a renamed repository

Same issues here, no matter the configuration of the repo (private, public, on events, etc.). Example: https://github.com/carlomazzaferro/test-project

This is still happening for me today, and not related to transferred repos. See https://github.com/aardappel/procrastitracker/actions that clearly has a workflow file in the repo: https://github.com/aardappel/procrastitracker/blob/master/.github/workflows/build.yml

Same Issue - Private Repo

Hi, actions doesnt work for this repo too https://github.com/Samehadar/manga-library

I guess, the same problem

Also having this issue with a private repo.

I don’t think this is solved. Having an issue on private repo.

soz, didnt realize that was the wrong reply btn

same issue on my public repo https://github.com/netherphp/avenue/actions

variation though, it says actions enabled successful, but then going back to actions is the green button again. and they are never getting run.

Same issue on my private repo. Actions stays disabled

Glad I saw this before spending too much time trying to get my first GitHub Action working.

Since everyone else is doing it, same problem here: https://github.com/ssrobins/actions-fiddling/