Unable to edit or unhide comment by closed acc. on issue

I’m able to hide and unhide anyone’s comments, and edit them, on a particular repo, with the exception of @ghost (deleted accounts). There’s no mention of this restriction in the docs. I would like to fix the formatting of links in one such comment.
edit: “Copy link” also doesn’t work

:wave: Welcome!

Do you have write access for this repository?

The repo is public and I’ve recently committed to it. Not sure what special permissions I’ve been given as I can’t see the settings. In case it’s relevant, I’m also a member of the repo’s parent org.

I forgot to check some things before posting, but to clarify:

  • I can edit the description/OP of an issue whose author is @ghost.
  • I can’t edit any comments by @ghost (but I can hide them, just not unhide).
  • “Copy link” doesn’t work on hidden comments by any user, so that’s unrelated.

I’ve had a little test and all those functions seem to be working for me.

Have you tried this in different browsers? It’s at least worth trying in a browser or incognito/private browsing window where you don’t have any extensions or personalised privacy settings as sometimes those can interfere.

Here’s a recording of me looking at various comments using a clean Firefox 85. In the video I show which actions are available on:

  • issue desc/OP by a deleted user,
  • a hidden comment by a deleted user,
  • a comment of mine (not hidden),
  • a comment by a deleted user (not hidden), and
  • a comment by another user (not hidden).

Then I switch tabs and show:

  • a hidden comment by another user, and
  • a hidden comment of mine.

@canuckjacq Do you have any info for me regarding this? Were you ever able to repro?

:wave: Sorry about the delay on this. It does look like something’s not quite right.

I’ve opened an issue for this and I’ll keep you up to date. Thanks for the video - that’ll be a big help!

Hi again, I have another bit of info that might help. The @ghost was originally @jjfmz42015, who deleted their account and then recreated it with the same username. I figured that out today as they deleted their account again. (Unfortunately that hasn’t magically fixed the problem, I still can’t edit or unhide the comment.)