Unable to download-artifacts

I’m creating a workflow that need to save artifacts in build step and same artifacts in deploy step.
upload-artifacts working well, but download-artifacts can’t find the folder I’ve uploaded.


    - name: Save public folder
      uses: actions/upload-artifact@v2
        name: public
        path: public

Upload Log:

  Save public folder2s
Artifact public has been successfully uploaded!
Run actions/upload-artifact@v2
With the provided path, there will be 36 files uploaded
Total size of all the files uploaded is 798442 bytes
Finished uploading artifact public. Reported size is 798442 bytes. There were 0 items that failed to upload
Artifact public has been successfully uploaded!

Download artifact’s folder:

- name: Download files to publish
        uses: actions/download-artifact@v2
          name: public

Download log

Download files to publish0s
##[error]Unable to find any artifacts for the associated workflow
Run actions/download-artifact@v2
##[error]Unable to find any artifacts for the associated workflow

This is the workflow file: https://github.com/rafaels-dev/gatsby-github-personal-website/blob/bd66d34420fdc954b7e6289b4ecaa8f2e9b29cdf/.github/workflows/node.js.yml

You can see the error in this run https://github.com/rafaels-dev/gatsby-github-personal-website/actions/runs/122591922

What’s wrong on my file?

I notice your “deploy” job doesn’t have a needs: build setting, so it should be started in parallel (if there’s room in the runner queue). Considering the build is likely to take some time the likely answer is that the artifact hasn’t been uploaded yet when the download-artifact step is running.


Thank you. It worked fine!

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