Unable to deploy my first Github Page

My Github page isn’t getting deployed properly, as a result of which, I am unable to proceed further in the course. Please help.

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@ankitjaadoo it looks like you were able to move past the step where GitHub Pages is turned on, but your repository is private so I can’t see what’s happening in the current step.

Based on the steps completion information in Learning Lab, the next step should be asking you to create a new file in a Pull Request and then merge that file. Are you saying you have merged that file and cannot see your changes?

No @crichid , my issue is that as soon as I choose the option for deploying my Github page through my master branch, I am no longer able to complete this step. As far as I know, my page should have been cretaed after this, and I should have moved on with the other steps (as you have mentioned), but that’s not happening. What have I done wrong? 

P.S. – my repository is public, and not private as you have claimed.