Unable to create new repository through the website

I am unable to create a new repository from my github page through the website. When I try to create a new repo, it redirects to [https://github.com/repositories](https://github.com/repositories) and shows a 404 page.

Things I’ve tried but didn’t work:

  1. creating repo through incognito so that there are no browser extensions used
  2. using a different, clean browser
  3. contacting github support

I am unable to create a new repo through IntelliJ but not through the website.

Anyone facing or has faced such a problem with github before? Please help

Hi @manparvesh,

Why didn’t contacting GitHub Support work?

Hi @mpboom,

I contacted them and there were a few messages exchanged. They said they’ll have a look at the logs, but I didn’t get a reply from them. It’s been more than a week and I also tried sending them 2 new requests, no reply till now. :frowning:

Hey @manparvesh,

Thanks for being here! I can confirm our Support folks have your message and the ticket had to be escalated for further investigation. Thank you for your patience!