Unable to create a local repository in GIT

Unable to create a local repository .git in the project folder.

.git folder is not visible in the folder.

Please support me with a solution.

Did you try: git init

Did that command show an error? If yes, please post the error.
If you don’t see this folder, try to check the option to show hidden folders in your file explorer or try the command: ls -al

Yes, I was using the command git init from the git bash.

Initialized empty Git repository in C:/ShreyasBKR_Project/.git/

But unable to view the .git folder.

I have checked for invisible folders also.

There’s something strange here, you mention the path being C:/ShreyasBKR_Project/.git/, but the presence of a .git/ folder indicates that ShreyasBKR_Project/ is already a repository.

But you’re mentioning it in the path. That’s the Git folder.

You should try this: navigate in Bash or CMD to C:/ShreyasBKR_Project/ and type:

git status

this will give you either information about the repository status, or an error that it’s not a repository folder.

It looks like you’re working under Windows (always mention your OS when asking for help!), so yes you need to configure File explorer to show hidden and system folders if you want to see the contents of the .git/ folder!

But I advise you to not tamper (nor worry) with the .git/ folder, since its contents are handled by Git behind the scenes. You only need to access it for advanced stuff, and you need to know well what your doing.