Unable to connect to github.com on just one computer

Hello, I am having a problem connecting to github.com on just one of my computers. All other computers and devices connected to the same wifi connect just fine. I tried DNS flush and hard resetting and rebooting router. I tried connecting through mobile hot spot. Still can’t connect to github. All other websites work fine. This makes me thing it’s not my ISP or router. I’m wondering if it’s possible my machine could be blocked from github. I used to use this laptop for school with github all the time, but it’s been a while since I used it and now it won’t connect.

Hey @Selina744 :wave:

Sorry to hear about the trouble you’re facing.
What exactly happens when you go to GitHub.com ? Do you get an error message?
If you open the developer tools in the browser, do you get a response code?
Are you able to get to the login screen?
Does this happen across multiple browser types on this device?
Have you updated your browser version?
Have you tried clearing your browser cache?

Hi @Selina744, adding to @ernest-phillips request for info here. Have you checked your hosts file? It is likely that a particular IP address had been rotated out of our ranges.

If that is the case, rather than hardcoding individual IP addresses, you can use our CIDR ranges:

That pages discusses that we update our ranges and that API endpoint should be used as a source for connection if you’re applying explicit host file rules.

I hoep this helps!

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