Unable to commit changes issue

I tried to commit changes but its not worked, I tried with VS code, Github desktop and from terminal window also but it not working…Can anyone plz help me?

Terminal output while committing changes:
husky > pre-commit (node v12.16.1)
25lStashing changes… [started]
Stashing changes… [skipped]
→ No partially staged files found…
Running linters… [started]
Running tasks for *.{ts,tsx} [started]
Running tasks for *.{json,md} [started]
Running tasks for *.{json,md} [skipped]
→ No staged files match *.{json,md}
tslint --fix [started]

Hi @deepali-archway! Welcome to the community!
It looks like NVM may be setting the incorrect Node version.
If you’ve installed nvm, use command : nvm list to get your node version
then use command : nvm alias default version_num ,to set the node version to the newest one.
This comes from a user in the following issue thread: https://github.com/okonet/lint-staged/issues/608#issuecomment-544401649