Unable to Clone Repos

I feel like I’m missing something super-obvious here…

I recently got a new work laptop, and I’m having trouble cloning a repo. Basically I do git clone https://github.com/myRepoBlahblahblahwhatever, and it just hangs on “Cloning into ‘myRepoFolder’.” I tried it on my home computer, and I’m getting the same thing.

Also, when I try to clone using SourceTree, it hangs on “Checking Source.” So, I feel like it’s having some sort of issue connecting to GitHub or my repo or something. I feel like it’s related to SSH or a Cert or something of the sort, but I’m not getting any sort of error and I’m not finding anything by searching this particular symptom… does anyone have any ideas of what I could try? I don’t remember having these issues previously when trying to clone my repos…

It might help if you can provide more details, like the OS you’re experiencing this problem on, whether you’re connecting to the network via proxies, etc.

You might want to check your credentials settings for Git, and which credentials manager you’re using (especially if under Windows).

Also, thus this happen with any repository, only GitHub repositories, or with a specific repository on GitHub? Without giving away too many private details, could you at least mention the type of account you’re using (Free vs paid), if your account (or your org/team) is set to use OAuth, and whether the repositories you’re failing to clone might have some special settings (private, etc.).