Unable to clone a forked repository

I forked the github…/novaxr/openbci_gui_galea.git repository (part of a separate organization) into my personal Github account as https://github.com/stevenrwood/openbci_gui_galea.git

I can see my fork on github.com but am unable to clone it. What needs to happen in order for me to clone this fork?

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When you say unable to clone, are you getting an error of any kind? Could you post what the response is when you try to clone it?

Contains the list of commands I tried. This support interface is annoying. I complains about more then 2 hyperlinks in text here. I tried uploading a .txt log file with commands and their output, but this site thinks .txt files are bad, so I was forced to screen shot the .txt file after shortening it enough to fit one screen. So annoying and unclear what security leak the site is trying to plug. At a minimum leave URLs alone and do NOT make them hyperlinks. Thanks.

The messages look like authentication errors, both for SSH and HTTPS. Since you tried SSH first: Do you have an SSH key associated with your GitHub account, and is that key available (e.g. loaded into the SSH agent) when you run the clone command?

That might be because it’s a (public!) forum, not a support interface. :wink:

You could post it directly as a code block enclosed in triple backticks, like so:

code here

That was it. Although it confuses me why adding a random 256bit number to my profile allows me to clone another companies repository they invited me to. But its working now. Thanks.


Because that “number” lets your computer prove it’s acting on your behalf. I assume that company wouldn’t be happy if GitHub gave their private repository to anyone who asks for it. :wink: