Unable to build with GitHub pages

I have a site deployed with GitHub pages. But when I updated some assets and docs, it’s now unable to build the page. I already tried running it locally with Jekyll and re-installed the Gemfile and it runs just fine.

Here’s the link to my repository.

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I think you have to name the repo your-username.github.io. Then it will take 1-10 min and will hopefully work.

No, it already worked the last time. As what you can see on the repository, there’s a CNAME file that I used for custom domain and it’s running at mp3tag.js.org.

It’s just that when I updated an asset, it doesn’t build and update the website anymore.

Edit: It is also under the gh-pages branch and should enable GitHub pages to build the site.

Hey @eidoriantan, looking at the build logs I’m seeing this error for your site:

  Liquid Exception: Couldn't find octicon symbol for \\"cloud-download\\" in editor/index.html
             Fatal: RuntimeError
                    Couldn't find octicon symbol for \\"cloud-download\\"

This corresponds with this file: mp3tag.js/index.html at 92c982d6ce321fa8637da49bc0d5f30a1749628c · eidoriantan/mp3tag.js · GitHub

I’m wondering if the version of jekyll-octicons that Pages uses has been updated above v10, it looks like there was a breaking change after that release that changed cloud-download and cloud-upload to just download and upload respectively.

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Thank you for your response

I can’t find any official documentation on this just yet so I’m not sure if that’ll actually fix it, but I’m hoping it’s somewhere to start? :laughing:

Also, I’m not seeing the current version of jekyll-octicons on the GitHub Pages dependencies and so I wasn’t able to know what version the GitHub pages uses. It would really help if the version of jekyll-octicons is exposed to avoid this type of situations.

Anyway, thanks for the help!

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Github Page

I was hoping to get mine done this month, how would you rate the process? @eidoriantan

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