Unable to automate the card workflow of an organization project board

Hello there,

I am trying to automate the card workflow of an organisation-level GitHub project board used for multiple repositories. To this end, I wrote a few GitHub action scripts, e.g. creating a card when opening a pull request and moving it to some column.

In order to test these scripts, I used a repository-level project board, and everything worked as expected. However, I am facing the following error when using these scripts with an organization-level project board:

Unhandled error: HttpError: Resource not accessible by integration.

For your information, here is a minimal organization that reproduces the problem I am facing, which includes:

  • a repository
  • a repository-level project board,
  • an organization-level project board.

The repository, in turns, includes two pull requests that demonstrate the behaviour difference of some script between an organization board and repository one.

Any idea what’s wrong ?