Unable to add provided SSH Deploy Key - Next Steps?

I have been provided with public and private SSH key in a .ppk file.

I believe this means it has already been generated and all I need to do is paste it into github as a new deploy key.

But I keep getting the error message “Key is invalid. You must supply a key in OPENSSH public key format”.

It’s in ssh-rsa.

As a lightweight front end developer only, who has previously struggled with setting up SSH in github, what process should I take next to resolve this? Are there experts who can help you with SSH Deploy Keys? Are there guides for developers not skilled with SSH?

.ppk sounds like it’s a Putty key file, not OpenSSH. You can still use the key, but you’ll probably need to convert it to the right format. I’ve seen colleagues use Putty, there’s an option to show the public key in OpenSSH format. That should be enough if you just want to be able to add it as a deploy key.

If you want to use the private key, it depends on which SSH client you want to use it with.