Unable to add GitHub users into an Organization in GitHub Enterprise with Evaluation License

I have set up GitHub Enterprise server in one of my VMs using the VMWare image and it is successfully up and running.
During the GitHub setup I have created one admin user and with that user I was able to set up a new organization (‘orgA’) and a repository.
After this I have created a new GitHub user (‘userA’) using GitHub server management page : stafftools/users/invite
Creation of new user was successful and I was able to login with created new user credentials.

However, I am not able to add newly created user (‘userA’) into my organization (‘orgA’). It simply does not appear in the filter box.

Is this something to do with the evaluation license or am I doing something wrong?

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Hi @gbidsilva - Thank you for being here and for trying GitHub Enterprise. There should not be a limitation because of a trial status. Are you able to restart your VM and see if this triggers a reindex?


Once I restarted the VM, this issue got resolved.
After restarting, newly creating users are instantly available for organization additions.


Awesome, glad you got it going. We’re looking forward to seeing you around!