Unable to access

So, Im new into this and I´ve been trying to do a push to my project, but, everytime I try shows “Unable to access ‘URL’ could not resolve host: github.com”.

Am I doing something wrong or is it a error?

My comand sequence was:

git remote add origin […]
git branch -M master
git push -u origin master

@DarkBane110 - Welcome to the GitHub Support Community!

We’re sorry to hear of the issues you are experiencing when connecting to GitHub.com. So that we can get some further insight into the problem, could you please visit our debug site and provide us with the output of the commands for your specific operating system and all of the information shown in the Connection Data box? Please also click on the Test your connection (may take several seconds) button and include those results.

Please note that it may take a short time for the connection data to fully load.

It may also be useful to check if switching from cloning via SSH to cloning via HTTPS, or vice versa, improves connectivity.