Unable to access resources in folder( with name starting with .)

I’ve hosted a page on github pages .


I’m unable to access the resources within the folders whose name starts with . like .well-known & .folder  in my case.

Example :

Accessible : https://USERNAME.github.io/ testfolder /test.html

UnAccessible with File not found error(404):  https://USERNAME.github.io/ .well-known /assetlinks.json


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GitHub Pages uses Jekyll by default to build Pages sites. Because of the way that Jekyll works, any files or folders that start with _, ., # or end with ~ are not built:


If you’re not using Jekyll, you can add an empty file named .nojekyll to the root of your publishing source to avoid this.

If you are using Jekyll, you can use the include directive in your _config.yml file to explicitly include these files/folders: