Unable to access our "Admin" page

Following the format: https://lab.github.com/:owner/admin I keep getting a 404 error.
I know that this did work within the last 2 weeks, so I am unsure as to what is happening and why I lost access.

@mblack88 assuming you’re signed in (click on Start Learning on the header), you should see your organization. If you still don’t, please send us a message at learninglab@github.com with the details about the organization’s name so we can help further.

@hectorsector We got this figured out, had a nice F2F with @crichid. It was just as easy as you mention, but when getting started that Start Learning is not the most obvious thing when Creating a new lab. But, that is just nit picking at this point. @crichid got me all straightened out.

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