Unable to Access Github Repo that I am an Administrator of

Hi, I have two credentials for two github accounts. Account #1 AcmeCo, which is a paid GitHub Team account that has 3 private repos. Account #2 is my personal github account. When I log into AcmeCo, I see that I have admin access to all 3 private repos. However, when I log into my personal account, I am only able to access two of the three repos.  I am trying to connect to the private repo for the first time so that I can clone to my local.

I have asked my colleague, and he told me that I am an “owner in the org but no permissions on the repo”. How do I grant my personal github account permissions for the repo in question from the AcmeCo account?

Are you an administrator within the organization?

I don’t understand how the access on Github works, despite reading the documentation. It appears that I am an administrator within the organization, but I am not sure how to confirm that. To be clear, here is what I am seeing:

Within the Github Team account, on the page https://github.com/orgs/AcmeCo/people/myusername my personal/individual account is listed as an “Owner” and as an admin on 4 repos. See below:

However, when I log into my personal/individual account, it appears only have access to two of the four repos within that organization. The repos in the screenshot below in the black box below belong to the relevant organization. The other two repos in the screenshot below in the screenshot are unrelated:

I don’t understand if I am listed as an owner/admin why am I not seeing the other two repos?

Hi @dcrabill,

As you’ve had to redact some information, it seems like some of your data is private. You might want to contact GitHub Support directly if you haven’t done so already as they will be able to check the status of your account on these repositories and clarify why you’re not seeing them. It will be a bit more direct than trying to troubleshoot indirectly in this case.


Go to your repo whichone you want to share or transfer ownership 

Navigate to Options>> Danger Zone. You will get there.


I mean to say setting >> options>> Danger Zone