Um.. what's that blue dot?

So there’s a blue dot on the corner of my profile pic and it bothers me… what does it mean? This started like an hour ago. :thinking:

Screenshot 2020-11-16 at 7.32.52 PM

Sorry if this is a stupid question, I just want to know what it means in case it’s important. :sweat_smile: Thanks for your time.

Edit: Apparently, this is happening to a lot of people.


It is used when there is a new feature available that users can preview.

“Improved container support” is a new feature, which is why you see the blue dot! “Feature preview” will lead to the blue dot. Clicking on “Feature preview” opens a dialog.


Consider propagating the blue dot to the Feature preview option.


Yes, please show where this notification is actually coming from and give a way to acknowledge the message / hide the blue dot other than by enabling the beta feature.


Clicking away from the feature preview popup window will get rid of the blue dot without enabling the feature.

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Oh wow, I have the same question while I noticed this blue dot. I thought it just a decoration since I not figure out what it is too. thanks for answer.

I thought it meant I was “Online” :grin: Thanks for the answer!