Ultra Beginner - HDD Scanning/extracting Project

Hi All, just a heads up, I’m an ultra-beginner here. No programming experience.
My first project idea is this:
A program that scans all folders branches within an external HDD and extracts or identifies all image files (.img, .png, etc), or perhaps all PDFs, etc files.
I am so new that I:
a) Don’t know if this is the right forum to be posting a question like this - really sorry if this is the wrong area!
b) Am not sure if my first project is too ambitious? Or if it’s just a really dumb idea?
c) Am not sure where to start

Any help or guidance would be super appreciated. Thanks so much :slight_smile:

As long as you don’t try to handle the external HDD directly and just search the directory tree it should be pretty simple, assuming you just want to search for files with specific endings. Reliably detecting a file type from content might be a bit trickier. If you use Python, Path.glob() from the pathlib module should already do most of what you need to find files by name patterns. :slightly_smiling_face:

This forum in general is primarily about things related to Git or GitHub, but the #software-development section exists for people who’d like to discuss general programming stuff here. :wink: