UI Bug: Back Button On Pull Request Page

Found what I believe to be a UI bug when navigating through pull requests. When using the back browser function the number of pull requests change and not all pull requests are shown.

To reproduce:

  1. Go into a repo with open prs
  2. Select a pr
  3. Hit the back button

Expected Behavior:
Shows all prs

Actual Behavior:
Shows only some prs

Example (Some info redacted):

Note: This only seems to happen when using the back button; clicking on any other UI component seems to work fine

This seems more a problem with how specific browsers implement back-navigation, which bypasses actual server requests and rolls back the browser history instead (how this is done in terms of shared files that were updated in the meantime is anyone’s guess, and might vary from browser to browser).

Usually, refreshing the page after “mechanical” navigation solves the problem, and it’s the recommended solution.