'ubuntu-latest' runner not found when using workflow_call between repositories

I am getting a weird error when reusing workflows

        os: [macos-latest, ubuntu-latest, windows-latest]
    runs-on: ${{ matrix.os }}
      - echo echo hello
      - "*"
    uses: PurpleBooth/common-pipelines/.github/workflows/common.yml@main

Gives me this error Called workflows cannot be queued onto self-hosted runners across organisations/enterprises. Failed to queue this job. Labels: 'ubuntu-latest'.

Is there a typo or are matrix run-on’s not supported for this?

I had both workflows on the same branch same repo and I was able to use matrix.os without errors in the called workflow.

It’s not that github wouldn’t apply changes to the actions-service at any point of time, like between our posts

Cool! I will give it another go tonight, this feature is going to save me a lot of time!

Still broken for me, this is from git-mit to common-pipelines

EDIT I have just realised that this is happening on a job without strategy matrix, so idk what is going on. I get it with this too

It seems, the github actions service assumes if you hit the concurrency limit of 20 jobs in a repository that you are using a self-hosted runner in a called workflow.

Then the beta limitation: no self-hosted runner support causes any job which hit your concurrency limit to fail. I expect this will be fixed if this limitation is removed with the General Availability of this feature ( Reusing workflows - GitHub Docs )

Since it’s not a self-hosted runner, that seems like a bug, beta or not?

Hi everyone. I’m the product manager for reusable workflows.

Yes, this is a bug. You shouldn’t see this error message when using github-hosted runners. And I’m not sure why you are getting an error at all. I’ve filed an issue internally and we will take a look.

As a note, we did update the beta (and docs) last week, so self-hosted runners are now supported with reusable workflows.


Thanks! Please let me know when I should dive back and and try again :slight_smile: