Ubuntu console based system gets hang while comunicaticating over TCP/IP

1) I have server code at windows side and client code at ubuntu side.
2) Communication establish successfully as my application continuously send and receive data.
3) But it works for 10/15 mins and after my ubuntu system gets hang/freez . So I need to hard restart the system by doing power off.
I didn’t trace out  what is the problem. So please suggest me.
Thanks in advance…

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Hey @prajyotkoli123, mind sharing some details on the software you are using and such? 

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Thanks for replay.

Basically I am using unicore system that is maxcpus=1.

So in my case cpu unable to scheduling problem or something went wrong while resource allocation. In  my case system goes in deadlock. For this need to disable unecessary services so single core do proper scheduling and resource allocation…