uBlock Origin Chrome Extension - How 2 whitelist an extension

Greetings everyone.

I’m wondering how to whitelist an extension in uBlock Origin 1.16.6 extension for Chrome?

OS is Win10-Home 64-bit, Chrome is Version 66.0.3359.181 (Official Build) (32-bit)

I have another Extension called “Disconnect” v5.18.23 that is returning an error “This extension failed to redirect a network request to about:blank because another extension (uBlock Origin) redirected it to data:application/javascript;base64,KGZ1bmN0aW”. Whitelisting the extension is the only way I could think of to get past this issue.

Thanks very much. I humbly await any suggestions.

I’m a novice, so please forgive/indulge me if I’m in the wrong place. This is where the Help screens in the Extension brought me.

Hi @imratedtvma,

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Additionally, you will probably get better help by submitting an Issue in the gorhill/uBlock project directly. It’s possible that another community member will be able to help you but the creator of the plugin will probably be more helpful.

Let me know if you have any other questions or if I can help with anything else.


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How can this be solved now?