Types of Repositories

I am having a difficult time solidifying some concepts in my mind. Git uses distributed repositories. Is there a single one that is used as the, for lack of a better name, primary repository? Is there one repository that, for example, only Sally can update and this is the one used for our final product build? Does it have a special name?

I am presuming that the answer is no, there is no formal primary repository, all are equal. However, I presume, pretty much all git users/communities declare one repository to be the primary one. This is a procedural concept and not enforced by any ability within git itself.

Do I need a redirect?

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Hi @bkelly7769,

You are absolutely correect in your analysis there. Git has no concept of a primary repo, this is purely a social convention. GitHub was built for developers to make it easy to *have* such a de-facto primary repository, but nothing in Git requires that such a primary exists.

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Got it, thank you for the reply.