two-factor hardware keys no longer working in firefox

Also not working on Firefox 67 on Fedora 30… Cannot register my security key :frowning:

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I too am seeing this on the latest Firefox, 67.0.4 (64-bit) and Win 10.  As of 67 Firefox’s U2F support is even enabled by default.  But I did double check in about:config and yes it is enabled. Based on other responses here it seems github explicitly requires Chrome for U2F by checking the useragent.  This is entirely unwarranted and I don’t understand how github hasn’t changed this.  I suspect if I install a plugin to spoof my useragent to appear as chrome it would probably work but there is no reason I should have to do so.


I don’t know if this is the place, but it’s also not working in edge

I just logged in, I’m on latest Firefox and this still asking to use Chrome

$ firefox -v  
Mozilla Firefox 68.0.1  
$ lsb\_release -a  
No LSB modules are available.  
Distributor ID:    Ubuntu  
Description:    Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS  
Release:    18.04  
Codename:    bionic  

Though, on this Firefox, I able configured my key with Google to login to Gmail already.

As of today I’m still not able to add a key on Ubuntu 19.04 and Firefox 68 (where it enabled by default)…

For Firefoxyou can try this workarround:

Also works on other websites.

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It’s a shame that GitHub developers took the lazy way and just checked the browser instead of the API. I’m perplexed by the fact that something this simple still hasn’t been fixed and that a workaround is needed.


This ends up being a pretty good workaround, as you only need to spoof the Chrome useragent to enroll the security key; I was able to turn off the useragent override after setting up my key and authenticate with Firefox/default useragent. Looks like the Chrome check is only being done on the security page. Still for shame, Github. Get it together.