Two factor auth failing, even on setup

My two factor auth codes suddenly failed early last week, i didn’t have my recovery codes so I started the account recovery process. Now I’m trying to set up two factor auth again, and it is still failing, even on setup (when I scan the QR code on an app and enter the codes into github, it says “Two-factor code verification failed. Please try again.”)
I don’t know what to do at this point, this is my work account and I need it working again ASAP, it’s really slowing me down.
I’ve temporarily used SMS, which works, but I will be travelling soon and I’m not sure if it will work then, so would prefer to get this working with an app.


Resolved! according to this thread, in my authenticator app, under ‘settings’ I tapped ‘Time Correction for Codes’ → ‘Sync now’ and that worked like a charm


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You haven’t mentioned which app you are using, but one of the reasons we sometimes see failures to set up TOTP is if the device you’re using has the time set manually, and is out of sync with the server. That can cause it to create incorrect codes.

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Oh! That’s great! Thanks for updating :slight_smile:

LOL yeah initially i was using google authenticator. though, i installed lastpass authenticator just to see if a different app would change things, and it still failed. it’s surprising to me that I would need to time sync immediately. after installing

It’s the only real problem I’ve heard of these apps having, and that’s a good thing!

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I am using Microsoft authenticator and it is failing. There is no Time Sync option under Settings, Both my laptop and my samsung android phone are syncing time automatically