Two-column views of commits to files

Until today, I imagined that this was a feature of Refined GitHub.

For example, from a post to FreeBSD Forums:

  • pre-commit to the left
  • committed to the right, in green.

Today I realised, there’s just one column when I view the same GitHub URL in a private window (without signing in):

Is the two column view a feature of GitHub?

Not presented to the public (without signing in)?

nope, I click the link using incognito, not signed in,

you both have the view, just either click, Split or Unified

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So I can manually edit the URL, for other readers to get what’s required immediately.

?diff=split in the midst of this edition of the URL:

Without this, if I’m not mistaken:

  1. visually remember what’s on screen
  2. key Home, or scroll up until the Split button becomes visible
  3. click the button
  4. as a different page loads, lose the anchor
  5. scroll down to the altered view of what was memorised from the previous page.

I fixed the link in FreeBSD Forums.

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