Tutorial slideshow. pull request author can't approve


I added the file - made the pull request but I can’t approve the request (because I’m the author). how can I change this?

Hi @Otto404, Welcome to the community! I’ve tried adding my review but it didn’t work :frowning: hopefully one of our Learning lab gurus here can help. Thanks for your patience, you are in the right to get help here.

Hello andreagriffiths11,

I saw your review in git und then looked in vain for the merge button.

Your mail was in my spam folder an now I see that I don’t have to be surprised about the missing button.

I think your support is great and I appreciate your commitment. I am sure with your help I will solve git’s secrets.

Regards, Otto

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having the same issue. here is what ive found so far: "The problem occurs only when the Branch protection rule for the branch into which you are trying to put the code into has the following setting enabled: Include administrators

The definition of this setting is: Enforces all configured restrictions above for administrators.

Disable this setting and it will allow you as the sole owner to accept your own pull request."


Hey @BlackFoxgamingstudio and @Otto404 – just wanted to chime in and say that most courses work like this:

  1. If you open the PR, the bot will approve your PR.
  2. If the bot opens the PR, you will approve the PR.

It seems like in this course one of those two didn’t occur – happy to help further if that didn’t happen for some reason, just drop a link to your repo.

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I would love to understand how to use all the learning courses. Unfortunately I believe your first point about the bot approving PR’s is not working. I would love more options to troubleshoot the process on my end. However, I don’t believe there is enough GA information on how your bot and course work. I Have retryEd the Design thinking course 5 to 6 times and can never get past the first 2 Bot approved PR’s.

I understand I may not have the needed knowledge on how PR’s work. I have been using github for 5 years but i am self taught.

My goal is to read 2-3 books on Github as a primer to understand how to get things working here on my own.

Any resources on how to troubleshoot the github bot and best practices for github PR, would be very appreciated.

Lastly, I will try some of the intro course on Github courses this weekend to see if i missed any axioms around Github or The new Learning Lab workflow.

Thanks for the extra context, @BlackFoxgamingstudio. I’ve gone through the course and didn’t encounter any issues. However, I did notice that this course has you approve and merge your own pull request (which is opened by the bot). I’ve opened an issue in the course repo about this, which anyone is welcomed to address by following the contributing guide.

I am unable to verify if you did this on your own repository, but I am happy to help if you provide a public link so we can assist.

HI @hectorsector,

Looks like my assumption was wrong. Thank you for the clarification. I will not ask you to do anymore work on my behalf. You have pointed out this is most likely a user error. I will continue to study and troubleshoot my issue. I will look at this as an opportunity to lvl up my GitHub skills.

Thank you for your time and guidances. when i find an answer I will outline in detail everything here and on stack overflow.



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