Tutorial slideshow. pull request author can't approve


I added the file - made the pull request but I can’t approve the request (because I’m the author). how can I change this?

Hi @Otto404, Welcome to the community! I’ve tried adding my review but it didn’t work :frowning: hopefully one of our Learning lab gurus here can help. Thanks for your patience, you are in the right to get help here.

Hello andreagriffiths11,

I saw your review in git und then looked in vain for the merge button.

Your mail was in my spam folder an now I see that I don’t have to be surprised about the missing button.

I think your support is great and I appreciate your commitment. I am sure with your help I will solve git’s secrets.

Regards, Otto

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having the same issue. here is what ive found so far: "The problem occurs only when the Branch protection rule for the branch into which you are trying to put the code into has the following setting enabled: Include administrators

The definition of this setting is: Enforces all configured restrictions above for administrators.

Disable this setting and it will allow you as the sole owner to accept your own pull request."