Tutorial on Github pages is not working

Hi, I have just started the tutorial on Github pages.

At the step 2, they ask me to open index.md, write some stuff and create a new branch …

Then I am supposed to see the next step in the comments of the Pull requests but nothing is happening.

I have the following message “Review required” and “Merging is blocked” but no information about the next step


Hi @geilerloui, sorry about that! I’ve looked into the issue and it turns out there’s a bug where sometimes the review won’t update to being approved, even though your change is actually right. A fix has been deployed; if you’d like to try again, I’d suggest that you leave the course and start over. Sorry about the hassle! Thank you for reporting the issue <3


I have just tried again, it is still blocked, and nothing is happening


Hello @geilerloui I just checked your repository and it looks like it is working now. Everything is approved and ready to merge! Great job on your first blog post.

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had some issues with inability to Merge too, I think what I was doing was trying to Merge to master when I should have been Merging to Pull request

The walkthough notes doesn’t highlight this important step enough.

The issue I have now is I can’t edit the master after the course is complete…I would like to tidy it up. halp.

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The issue I have now is I can’t edit the master after the course is complete…I would like to tidy it up. halp.

@erinkhoo congrats getting through the first course! We are excited to see you taking this repository further. The reason you are unable to make edits directly on master is because we turn on branch protections during the course. As the owner of the repository, you can turn these off. Simply go to your repository settings and select Branches. Under Branch protection rules , click the Edit button to the right of master and adjust the settings to meet your requirements! You may want to de-select everything except the very top box.



My introduction to html is also stuck on a pull request. I encountered this at step 9, deleted the tutorial and started again, but now i’m already stuck at step 2: I can’t merge the pull request.

Hi @vessie! I’ve taken a look at your account, and it looks like you’ve completed this course on November 12th. Are you still having trouble, or were you able to move on?

Hi @brianamarie, still having troubles. If i go to learning labs on github -> my courses. I can see i’ve completed all my courses, except"Introduction to html". This is still stuck on merging the pull request (step 8 of 13).

@vessie thanks for the quick reply, and for your patience.

There are a few things we can try: 

  • I have marked the step as complete manually, and then you can move on to the next step, even though it may not post the instructions verbosely for the next steps. To merge your pull request, follow the directions that @crichid posted above to remove branch protection, and merge. This should trigger the bot.

  • If that doesn’t work, leaving the course and starting again should give you a clean start.

  • If that STILL isn’t working, I will get in touch with the engineering team because at that point it would be a reproducable bug.

Thank you again for your patience, and let me know if there’s anything more I can do to help!

I’ll start

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@brianamarie: After your manual completion, the tutorial had a banner on top that said there was a newer version of the tutorial. Clicking this made me start the tutorial all over, but i was able to complete it without getting stuck.

Thank you!

Good morning,

Looking for guidance at my own course, again on deployments.

AFAICT I’ve made the fix the bot asked for, but am stuck on ‘review required’.

Attempted to assign myself as reviewer, reviewed changes. 

Refreshed a couple of times, no change. 

Please advise?

@eabrown3 did you resolve the issue? If so, could you let me know the course and step you’re having trouble with? 

@hectorsector Thanks for checking in.

I gave up on the course. 

AFAICT I’d done the requested change, but the bot isn’t acknowledging the change. 

The bot is asking me to change the theme of the blog. Which I did - then changed it again, and back again to see if it would notice. No dice.

It’s ‘GitHub pages with Jekyll’, step 5 - supposed to be about creating a blog post.


Oddly it shows me as completing the course - not sure how that happened.



Thanks for the update, @eabrown3! It looks like the course was completed in this PR.

I ran into this same issue.  Seems when the GitHub Learning tool creates the repository it sets the “Requires Review” and “Enforce For Administrators” options to On.  But as I’m the only user in my Git Repository there is no way to review it, as you can’t review your own code.  What I did was uncheck the both options (Settings>Branch>… scroll down.)

+1,000 for this comment. The text for this step should specify using the drop-down to merge to branch. As it is, the text says, “select your -patch-1 branch” but doesn’t explain where on the page you would do this: this step is easily overlooked.

Securing your workflows - Securing your workflows | GitHub Learning Lab… Will not update my progress. Is there something I’m doing wrong?