Tutorial bots are stuck on enabling Pages

For the tutorials Introduction-to-GitHub and Security-on-GitHub, the bot is not responding to me enabling GitHub Pages with the master branch as the source. I have done the required action on both tutorials, but the bot is not recognizing this and thus is not moving the course forward. Can someone manually move the course forward for me or tell me how to fix this? Thanks.

@nikki-colton it looks like the bot needs you to grant it additional permissions. You should have received an email with a handy link, or you can go to: https://github.com/apps/github-learning-lab/installations/new . Just click the account you are using and scroll down to where it is asking for your approval.

You may need to toggle pages off and on again to move forward!


Same for me. There’s no response from the bot and the tutorial is stuck.

Learning Lab had been granted all rights (as described in the solution) and toggling on/off didn’t change anything either.

Is there any way to move forward manually?

Thanks in advance!

Trying a few more times helped. It now magically moved forward. Strange…