Turn on github-slideshow pages

NM I got to the end, but this tut is a bit of a mess honestly.

In section 2 Turn on Github Pages I’m not able to resume the tutorial.

https://lab.github.com/githubtraining/introduction-to-github (the intro links page)

I was experimenting and getting familiar, and in doing so, created a second issue from the tutorial, then assigned myself to it, then assigned myself to the tutorial issue. The bot added section was in my second issue. I deleted the second issue I created, removed myself from the tutorial issue, and added myself again, but the bot section still did not appear.

There appears to be no way for me to now continue. Clicking the resume link on above link, does not allow me to continue.

Is there a reset? :confused:

Edit 1.
I downloaded the PDF of the tutorial. Next step was to delete the issue. So I did that.
The intro links page has updated to item 4, but the resume button goes to a page that says this issue has been deleted.

By clicking the continue link after deleting the tutorial issue, I’m at “Your first contribution”. But if I close this window, I don’t expect to be able to continue.

If anyone else dares to stray from the tutorial’s path and experiment while they learn (shocker I know!!), know you can delete the tutorial repository and start again.