Trying to update my laptop when all my changes were done on my desktop

I did my initial clone on my laptop to get an initial feel for the Maven project on Netbeans.

From there I switched to my desktop with another clone.

I continued to work on my desktop with several commits.

I wanted to look again from my laptop. The only thing I had changed was the pom file, adding a local dependency. The files in the local repository were unchanged, so there was nothing to commit.

Even now my laptop claims “On branch “dev”: in sync with upstream branch”. It depends upon how you look at the situation if the claim is true or not. Since I haven’t changed anything on the laptop, it is true, but I have changed things on the desktop.

If I go Git -> Remote -> Pull from Upstream no change will be made to my source files.

What I would like see to happen is that they all get updated according to the changes I committed from my desktop, but I am missing something to make this happen.



Do you have push to remote the commits you made on desktop? If the answer is no so you have to add-commit-push the files to remote. In case you already did, the next question is: the branch on desktop where you made commits, are the same of the branch on laptop that you are trying to pull from remote?

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Thanks for your reply. I just discovered on my desktop (which is up to date) I am using the master branch. On my laptop I am using a “dev” branch, which I never changed.

I have to figure out how to change Netbeans to use the master branch instead of dev (on the laptop). Then it should update and finally make some sense. When I look at the Git browser both computers are on the master branch.

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