Trying to revive an orphaned product



The creator abandoned the Android app years ago and focused on iPhone before going totally out of business. The application was a camera app that used APIs to trigger and external flash that they produced. The released application has not worked on the last couple of Android versions. This left me (and many other backers) with a useless external flash that was quite useful at one time.

I am looking to see if it can be recompiled into an application that will run under the current Android OS versions (I have a Note 9). I downloaded the code and installed Android Studio, but it won’t “Make Project”. I have no idea what I am doing, but receive “Configuration with name ‘default’ not found.” when I tried.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated… I am not looking to make money, but rather use a device that I bought via kickstarter years ago! I don’t mind learning, but if someone could compile it, I can send a little “beer money” if that’s any incentive. :wink:

I sadly don’t know enough about Android apps to help you with this.

However, as general advice, you can always look at the forks: (Insights > Forks). Sadly, those two forks seem unmaintained as well. Good luck!