Trying to install action runner as linux service on RHEL7 x64 architecture

hi Team,

I am trying to use RHEL 7 machine as a self-hosted runner for a couple of repositories in GitHub to run actions against it but the installed service process daemon is not running in the background for long term hence every time manually logging to machine and starting service during the workflow run.

@chaitanya-bojja-by ,

To install and manage a self-hosted runner service on Linux machine, generally you can follow the steps below:

  1. Open a shell in the installation directory of the self-hosted runner.

  2. Execute the following command to install the service.

    sudo ./ install
  3. Execute the following command to start the service.

    sudo ./ start
  4. You can use the following command to check status of the service.

    sudo ./ status

Normally, after above steps:

  • the runner will keep connecting to GitHub as long as the machine is online.
  • every time the machine is started and online, the runner will automatically connect to GitHub.

To view more details, you can see “Configuring the self-hosted runner application as a service”.