Trying to fix merge conflicts GitHub stuck won't open web editor

I have 5 files that have merge conflicts with master. When I click the Resolve link or use Web Editor link, it get what appears to be the beginning of a blank edit screen with a spinning wheel that just hangs. I’ve let it spin for 10 minutes and it won’t allow editing of the first of the 5 files I need to fix.

anyone else run into this. Ah, I should mention I’m using the latest version of Firefox on Mac OS 10.14.5.

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According to the GitHub Status page, no incidents were reported—this might instead be a local problem. I recommend trying to use a different browser temporarily and seeing if that fixes your issue.

Hope this helps! If you still aren’t able to use the web-editor or resolve the conflicts, please reply once more to this thread and we’ll brainstorm some more options.

I’m having this same issue, and so is the rest of my team. Haven’t managed to test if it’s specific to our repo but it’s definitely not specific to a browser or a computer. The one work-around that seems to help is to just copy the URL leading to the conflict resolution screen and paste it in another tab, which might indicate the problem is some data being cached causing a bug?


Thank you so much for this workaround – this has been happening on all of my dev machines lately, both with Firefox and Chrome, so this is a huge time saver.

It’d be great if GitHub could address the core issue, though…

I had a branch protection rule turned on called “Require linear history”. When I turned off this rule, the editor opened like it should.