Trying to delete commits

I am very new to Github and have never used it. I am simply trying to Upload a PNG and JSON and apparently made a couple mistakes on the first uploads, but I have fixed my mistakes, but now do not know how to remove the old commits that were wrong. Can anyone help me? ADD AP LOGO and INFO by connorbrown21 · Pull Request #9222 · trustwallet/assets (

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To delete commits, you need to interactively rebase the branch you’re working on, and set action for the commits you want to delete to drop, see Git - Rewriting History. Note that this is something you need to do locally, not on GitHub. After doing that, you need to force-push the branch to GitHub. Force-pushing means to override the old, different version instead of adding to it.

If you’re completely new to Git and GitHub, the easiest solution might be to start over: Save the files you want to add, create a new branch where you commit the final version, and create a new pull request. However, getting a second pull request for the same thing might annoy people.

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My issue is that, I paid to escalate the Pull, so If I do that, I don’t think it will be escalated anymore.

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Then you’ll have to go the “rebase” route. With that you can change the commits in your PR. If you get stuck on the way this forum is a good place to ask.

Would you be interested in fixing this for me? I would be willing to pay.