Trying to create an account for work but get Email is invalid or already taken

Trying to create an account for work but get message for email address “Email is invalid or already taken”.

Submitted a ticket to support 2 days ago and no response yet.

Want to keep work account and personal account separate, any suggestions?

Tried to get a password reset on email address, to see if it was already in use, but got message that it was not recognized.


Hi @tunstam,

Thank you for reaching out to our private support team!  Unfortunately, it can take a little bit of time to receive a response from GitHub Support depending on the nature and severity of issue. We do our best to respond as quickly as possible to all tickets and are currently working on some efforts to allow us to shorten our average response time.  Our private support is the best avenue of for assisting you with that error. 

Thanks for your patience and understanding!