Trying to change licence but

deleted the license file, went into the insights tab and selected community, then clicked ADD next to “license”.
selected the license i want to add and…got a pull request
whiskey tango?
tried again… got another pull request
i now have two pull requests, cant figure out what to do with them, want to totally DELETE them from ever having existed and ill add the license file from my project dir locally and push the changes…
how do i get rid of these two pull requests?

Hey there @mark4th, and welcome to the GitHub Community! :wave:

If you would like to add a license to your repo without making a pull request, choose “Commit directly to the branchname branch”, like below.

If you want to add the license from a PR, click the “Merge” button.

You cannot delete a PR yet, but you can lock it with the Lock button.

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