Trouble with SSH

I’m trying to use SSL instead of a password. It worked one time but now fails. This is the message I receive:
ssh -T
Hi southkonafarms! You’ve successfully authenticated, but GitHub does not provide shell access.


-south kona farms

That is no failure. It means your SSH key works and GitHub recognizes it for your account. You can now use SSH as a transport for Git (e.g. git push).

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When I type git push, it continues to ask for a password. What am I doing wrong?

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Most likely your local repository is still configured to use a HTTPS URL to access the GitHub repository. You need to change the URL to the SSH one. You can find the right URL by clicking the green “Code” button on the repository page and selecting “SSH”, it should look something like this:

You can change the remote URL with the following command (change URL and remote name as needed):

git remote set-url origin

origin is the default remote name for where you initially cloned from. If you need to use something different, you probably already know.

See also: Git - Working with Remotes

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Thank you

git remote set-url origin

did the trick.

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Solution posted
git remote set-url origin