Trouble with adding files after installing Git

After successfully installing Git to my computer, I opened the Git Bash and typed in some test command lines to see if everything is working. The command line I typed was “git add .” and, I was given an output of errors.

This is the error I get:

I tried 5 times to uninstall and reinstall Git and, I also tried changing the install path. In addition, I tried looking up my issue on Google and, I found a post on the Github community with my similar issue, however the issue was not resolved.

If you need more information, please let me know.

Thanks in advanced.

That looks like you previously ran git init in your home directory and turned the whole thing into a Git repository. Otherwise git add would complain about being called outside a repository. That’s (almost) certainly not what you want, though: In general you want one repository per piece of software or project.

Before you do the following, make sure you have the right one. There’s no going back (except with backups). :warning: To get rid of the accidental repository, delete its .git/ directory. Double check it’s the right one, and not a repository you actually want to keep.

I believe the issue is fixed. I used the command line to change the directory of the repository and, placed it in its own folder. Now, I am able to add files.

I am new to Git so I appreciate your help.