Trouble routing to other .html files in my Pages site

I am trying to use GitHub Pages to host my portfolio, but keep running into issues with file references returning with 404 errors. I’ve tried absolute references, relative references, changed my whole file organization system around, and have pretty much given up. It’s been a difficult thing to google, and I have been unable to find anyone else asking a similar question.

Here is the repo for my site. The main issue I’m having is the transition from the index.html page to landing.html (the actual logic is stored in title.js). What am I missing???

this is your root, I think so, and it is working,

and this is the landing.html page,

you have your image embedded, so your URL is correct, right? Please make sure, if you have other embedded files, to have the correct URL too, whether it’s absolute or relative, because the landing.html is inside html folder,

if you want this landing page to be your root, you should restructure your folder so that this is the index.html and be careful again with the links,