Trouble generating a ssh key

Im having trouble creating a ssh key. when I opened gitbash and entered the phrase to generate the key per site instructions it errored say file not found. can any one help thanks in advance.

You’ll need to provide some more details so people can help you, in particular the exact commands and error messages.

my apologies!

ok I attempted to upload two screen shots 1 for the instructions I’m using and the second my terminal window.
when I try to execute the command at step 4 it tells me no such file or directory. its probably something simple, however, I’m stuck any help would be appreciated

The first screenshot says:

Your public key has been saved in

Looks like you told ssh-keygen to save the file under a non-standard name. That means you’ll have to use the name you chose (cs50) instead of the default (id_rsa) where applicable. :slightly_smiling_face:

Mind that .pub denotes the public key, don’t upload the private one!

I really really appreciate your time and understanding. ok so I did try to use the cs50 I saved it under, but it still said file not found, so I deleted the file and re generated another key and saved it under the file name given in the instructions. then tried to execute the command using the file name id_rsa and it still said file not found.

i got it thanks for your help