Trouble connecting


Today I started getting the following error message:

git clone
Cloning into ‘complexity’…
remote: Password authentication is temporarily disabled as part of a brownout. Please use a personal access token instead.

I have an ssh key and also created a token, but how am I supposed to use it? It does not ask for the token.

Thank you,


If you already have an SSH key set up, the easiest thing is to use the SSH URL for your repository. Check the green “Code” button on the repository page and select “SSH” to find it.

And add the SSH public key to your account if you haven’t already.


Here is full guide how you can use token

That “guide” advises to include the token in the remote URL. That is a very bad idea security-wise in most cases: It means storing the token on disk unencrypted. Don’t do that without carefully considering the security implications of letting anyone with access to our files push to your repositories. :warning:

In most cases you should use a password manage or OS key store to hold the token.