Trouble Authorizing Single Sign On Authorization

I’m just getting an account set up, and I went through most of the steps to authorize single sign on.

I generated the SSH key, and added it to my account. When I get to the next step, it says there should be a button to Enable SSO, but there isn’t.

Does it look like I missed a step somewhere?



Hi @eaa1310,

Out of curiosity, are you part of an organization on GitHub that has SSO enabled?


No, at this time I’m just trying to use balena-cloud

which is a web application to remotely control digital signs. It uses GitHub’s SSO, so I was going through the steps to link a login here with that.

From your question it sound like I may have been going at this from the wrong direction.

Hi @eaa1310,

Sorry for the delay, but yes, you are correct. The options to enable SSO for an SSH key related to the SSO for Organizations feature and would not impact external applications.

Hope this helps!

Hi, I had the same issue, just follow this link< your-github-organization >

On the top screen, you will be prompted to auth against your organization, Once you do this, the button with ENABLE SSO will appear.